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Project Description
EPiAbstractions provides facades for many of the classes in EPiServers products which enable it's users to decouple their code from the concrete implementations and thereby gaining the ability to unit test code that otherwise would depend on the concrete implementations.

Recent blog posts about the project

EPiAbstractions.Fakes – Create unit tests without mocking
EPiAbstractions.FixtureSupport – Easily create test data for EPiServer CMS
EPiAbstractions.Opinionated – A wrapper for EPiServer CMS and Page Type Builder
A toolset for building testable and flexible EPiServer CMS sites

About the project

This open source project is at the moment primarily developed by Joel Abrahamsson at Valtech. All and any feedback is greatly appreciated. Please submit feature requests or bugs using the Issue Tracker or send an email to If you would like to contribute, send an e-mail to

Also, check out the EPiServer book!

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